Why Choose Cambodia Attractions?

Cambodia Attractions – Travl & Tours is THE leading local travel operator based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and has been operating since 2012. We provide not just a tour, as you would find with other operators, but a unique travel experience. Whilst most other tour operators focus on ‘sightseeing’, we unlock the meaning behind the word!  We take great pride and care in sharing our insights and knowledge to help you understand and appreciate what you are seeing.

Cambodia Attractions was born out of our passion for sharing Cambodia, its culture, and its people with our travelers.  We focus on learning and discovery about our people and their culture, and invite interaction – rather than just sitting on a bus, taking photos through the windows! Why are we able to do this as opposed to other tour operators? It is because we are locals and are born and bred Cambodians, so we know our country and our people far more than overseas operators. We also have more than a decade in the tourism sector. Through our extensive training, experience, and passion for our profession, we can ensure that your trip to Cambodia will leave you with ever-lasting and wonderful memories.


Cambodia Attractions Itineraries are uniquely prepared to give you an authentic and engaging experience.  Each itinerary can also be customized, based on your preferences. We always listen to you!

Our trips are completely private which allows us to take much less traveled roads. So, while you’ll certainly do some walking you might also bounce along the streets in a rickshaw – whatever it takes to reach the soul of a destination. We try to include local transport wherever possible during your adventure, so expect the unexpected!

You’ll get to engage with local people throughout each adventure, especially during experiences such as village walks, meeting monks, shopping at local markets, and home-hosted meals with local families.

The Trip Leaders

Our leaders are more than just your typical guide. They’re your local experts who are passionate about sharing their expertise with you. They are all hand-picked and trained by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

They share first-hand knowledge and unique insight so you experience new cultures, discover authentic experiences, and make unforgettable memories in the most extraordinary destinations.

Cambodia Attractions leaders make sure your trip goes smoothly every step of the way. They organize all your tour logistics, keep you safe and, most importantly, help you find those special memories that last a lifetime.

Unique Activities

All of our trip packages are set up to include exotic experiences, such as home-hosted meals with local families, Oxcart rides in a rural village, local rickshaw riding, interaction with locals and monks, bird spotting, guided orientation and sampling popular local market or street food.

Responsible Tourism

The accommodations we offer are chosen to reflect the spirit of our surroundings, by being smaller and family-run. We offer a choice of restaurants or home-hosted meals, plus activities that engage with locals in all of our itineraries in order to bring you real experiences whilst also supporting the local communities. As a special part of responsible tourism, it gives back to the communities we encounter.